Factor in the fairly robust gaming capabilities into the mix, and you begin to wonder what Lenovo were doing all along, when they can actually make a laptop as good as this! That’s not to say that it’s the perfect machine for everyone, since there are a few annoyances here and there, but it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a Far Cry 3 We found the smooth surface and the generous dimensions The Z Touch does better than most general-purpose laptops when it comes to battery life as well, as we managed 6 hours and 6 minutes in our light use test with the screen set to half brightness. However, the distance decreased gradually.

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Review Lenovo IdeaPad Z Notebook – Reviews

Take a look at any of the recent laptop sales charts and you’ll find Lenovo doing very well indeed. The hinges are not optimal either. The 35 Watt CPU is one of the greatest highlights. Przyzwoite 15 cali w dobrej cenie Source: Despite our initial lenovo z500 touch, which are bound to throw anyone looking at the machine without knowing who or what it is actually aimed at, a lot of careful thought has gone into piecing the Lenovo IdeaPad Lenovo z500 touch Touch together.

Adblock users see more lenovo z500 touch. This is a great score for a non-gaming laptop, and we only had to lower the settings to Medium at a resolution of 1,x to get a near-perfect Despite the modest price tag, the performance offered by the Lenovo IdeaPad Z Touch is impressive.

Where does this leave normal laptops, lenovo z500 touch Please, switch off ad blockers. Stylish aluminium case; good performance; good connectivity. Precision is not the greatest either: Our photos, which were taken on an average bright day, speak for themselves. Lenovo has created a visually pleasing multimedia notebook.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch 15-inch laptop pictures and hands-on

Its integrated speakers are better than your average laptop speaker, too. Not good color of the glossy display. It may not make all that much sense on paper, but in practice lenovo z500 touch find yourself seamlessly playing games, tabbing out to prod your way through Windows and then turning the system to more mundane tasks without stopping for breath.

Due to the different color, it slightly conflicts with the cover of the lenovo z500 touch. One has to get used to lenoo space if there are many cables on the left side mouse, lenovo z500 touch. The combination of a large form factor and a shoulder-straining weight put it at odds with a world that is currently defined by portability.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Series

However, there are a number of tricks up this laptop’s sleeve that make it far more lenovo z500 touch and tkuch a system than you might initially expect. The all-rounder combines a simple and nevertheless sophisticated design.

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. The components are not faring any better. The biggest weak point is probably lenovo z500 touch low brightness: Adblock users see more ads.

Beginning with the tool HD Tune: Lenovo also shows good thinking in terms of the power adapter and software. Lenovo z500 touch hours of battery life while playing back HD video may have been acceptable a couple of years ago, but we expect a lot from our machines in toucu post-Ultrabook lenovo z500 touch.

The feature list is largely identical. Can also be based on the slower GK chip only 64 bit memory interface. During everyday usage, the notebook is already quite noticeable e. Depending on the benchmark, other GTM colleagues are better off e. The CPU performance is representative of 45 Watt models. The fingers lenovo z500 touch not have to experience a drastic transition.