Lets just rejoice that he is here. This should get you a connection with the modem. Sir, what is the purpose of USB 3. August 19, at 8: This should bring up a prompt asking you for the username and password. If no then this might be the issue. The last five digits of MAC address will be the default password of the router.

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July 11, at Guys I have the mode, an HI, please guide me how i can connect my PTCL wifi connection without having a connection through wifi and cable? There are several routers ptcl broadband an1020-25 very good quality and are way more stable than those stock PTCL routers.

Nice did u tried Evo Wingle with it? May ptcl broadband an1020-25, at 6: Calling helpline is always the last part for me: October 29, at Oh of course green, I always call them yellow.

Glad to have been of help! On a default device this is usually admin and admin respectively.

So please help me ptcl broadband an1020-25 in this … thanking you in advance! How to solve after one day internet connection is disable and after troubleshooting it show turn your ptcl router off for 10 sec then internet is ptcl broadband an1020-25. I am not InventorI just post broadbadn article for some knowledge or Information for people. But never seen such surprising device like this Do you have a solid DSL light?

Sir i want to roll back my ptcl broadband an1020-25 router,s firmware to the orignal version that cames with the modem. Now the telephone broadhand is in the modem and the power is up. What should I do?

PTCL Introduces New DSL Broadband Plus Evo 3G Modem With Amazing Features – Itechsoul

Alternatively you could also enter: April 1, at You can try factory resetting your modem and use the settings provided in this article ptcl broadband an1020-25 get internet working back again. Printer Server not working in this router, i f i broadbamd wrong, please tell me how it will work?

I am using ptcl modem an 25 the problem i face my internet continuously disconnects. Won’t the number work as username?

This should get you a connection with the modem. How to configure evo wingle 9.

Did you tried ptcl broadband an1020-25 a dialup PPPoE connection with this router? Called ptcl, been weeks nobody came. August 3, at 8: August 19, at 9: I am using this modem and still not found any problem.

Ptcl adsl 2 + modem an1020-25 wifi router

Let me remind you of a day when you might have been! Wait for it to get stable. I wonder which city you live in.