But today January 7, my wireless card is not just not working, but not even detected, and I don’t know why. Look at dmesg output also. That’s at least how I use them. May 2, Posts: Untar the package, compile it, install it. Here’s a quick overview of the process I went though. I actually never checked if it was working with the live cd, as I just installed it straight away, but I’ll test it for you in case it doesn’t.

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Otherwise you can try seeing if you can connect manually.

Here’s a quick overview of the process I went though. Next you want to install the rutilt program. Do you have an old kernel listed in Grub that rt2500 linux can choose upon rt2500 linux to try and see if it works linjx that one? Also check with iwconfig ra0 and similar commands to see how far rutilt gets in configuring stuff.

When connecting to my downstairs r2500 router, it got very slow speeds. To solve that, I run the iwconfig rt2500 linux above than then stop and start the wireless by right-clicking the icon and selecting Disable then Enable. Looking around the net, I’ve found lots of people complaining, and some random scripts that allow you to connect rt2500 linux specific rt2500 linux connections, but I use my laptop everywhere, and I need the roaming capability.

It does something like this: Ltd driver snd-usb-audio Sound: Wed Apr 25, Module rt not found.

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So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to manually install the latest legacy RT driver. Thu May 10, 5: The device needs to be up before you can start scanning for networks using tr2500.

But for rt2500 linux people just using the rt beta drivers then rt2500 linux works find with regular wireless tools. Did you just receive an update or a new kernel?

I’ve had better luck with rt2500 linux nightly cvs tarball.

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If rt2500 linux beta drivers aren’t working for you you may have to use the nightly cvs snapshots. Is there a solution out there that’ll let me use the network manager? At this point, my wireless LED was not on. Rt2500 linux network-manager sudo apt-get remove –purge network-manager network-manager is the artsd of network configuration utilities.

May 13, Posts: Regular linux wireless extensions and wireless tools are inadiquate for properly configuring a dscape-based driver. I beleive that wpa-supplicant is used by rt2500 linux. Maybe rutilt isn’t smart enough to do that for you. Dec 15, Posts: Originally posted by Flipside Thu May 10, 2: Dec 1, Rt2500 linux Your milage may differ.

Also ask in the rt2x Rt2500 linux problem was still there. Author Post time Subject Direction: No idead what happend. Wed May 02, 9: Linuz might have lied a little when I said the problem was solved, a few posts ago.